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SpinIcur Summer School 2015

Spintronics - Spin currents and magnetism

September 7-11, 2015

Braga, Portugal










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The SpinIcur summer school 2015 was held during September 7 – 11 in Braga, Portugal at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) as part of the European project "SpinIcur". The summer school was attended by 46 students and 22 invited speakers and partners. Delegates from 22 different countries attended the summer school representing 37 different institutes from Europe, Americas and Asia.

The lectures covered a broad range of topics in applied research in spintronics, including the spin-Hall effect and magnetic domain walls, spin-transfer torque MRAM, magnonics and spin waves, the spin Seebeck effect and spin caloritronics and nanooscillators. In addition, the students had the opportunity to present their work totheir peers and the speakers, either through an oral presentation or a poster presentation. Prof. Russel Cowburn and Brad Engel inspired the students with their insight in how to start a company "From spin to spin-off".

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The SpinIcur Marie Curie Initial Training Network Summer School was dedicated to an aspect of Spintronics – pure spin currents - their generation, detection and how the spin currents interact with the magnetization.

International experts and researchers from leading universities and technological companies introduced the scientific topic and the main methods applied to study spin polarized currents.



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