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University of Leeds


George Stefanou - Early Stage Researcher 1 (contract completed)

Georgios pic  George was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, where he completed both a bachelor and master studies in the department of Physics of Aristotle University. He worked on the structural characterization of magnetic nanostructures and the correlation of the structural features with the macroscopic magnetic behaviour, followed by a study in the magnetic hyperthermia response of ferrite nanoparticles and the corresponding mechanisms of heating losses. In September 2013, George started his PhD at the University of Leeds on spin current excitation and detection in structures grown by shadow mask angular deposition, called lateral spin valves, in order to transform charge current into spin current with high efficiency and acoustically excite SSE in materials with high magnon-phonon coupling constants. 


Arpita Mitra - Early Stage Researcher 2 (contract completed)

 Arpita Pic Arpita joined condensed matter physics group in University of Leeds as Marie Curie early stage researcher, after completing a two years masters degree in 2013 from École Polytechnique, France. Arpita worked on physics of nanomagnetic memories-STT MRAM, during her master thesis in University of Paris-Sud. In October 2013, Arpita started her PhD project entitled phonon control of spin currents. 


INESC-Microsystems and Nanotechnologies


Pawel Kalabinski - Early Stage Researcher 4 (Short Term)



Simon Knudde - Early Stage Researcher 8 (contract completed)

 Photo Simon Simon joined INESC-MN in September 2013 as early stage researcher. He works on MTJ thin film deposition as well as micro- and nano-fabrication. The subject of his PhD research is on spin transfer torque. 



IBM Research Zurich


Dr Andre Bisig - Experienced Researcher 1 (contract completed)

 Photo Andre Andre started his academic career as master student at the Paul Scherrer Institute in the group of Prof. Laura Heyderman, to study the magnetization reversal process in coupled ferromagnetic nanoelements. His PhD project in the group of Prof. Mathias Kläui at the University of Konstanz in a joint project with the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems was to directly and dynamically image field and current driven domain wall oscillations in confined geometries. Last year he studied the role of spin diffusion in current induced magnetization dynamics as Postdoc at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. 


 Benedikt Boehm - Early Stage Researcher 5 (contract completed)

 Photo Beneditk Benedikt started working in the field of magnetism during his master's thesis, in which he performed measurements of the Gilbert damping parameter by ferromagnetic resonance and domain wall motion on the very same structures. At IBM Research – Zurich (July 2013) he started his PhD working in the field of spintronics by examining magnetic structures with high resolution in a spin-polarized scanning electron microscope 


Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory


Dr Bertrand Lacoste - Experienced Researcher 2 (contract completed)

  Bertrand did his master project in the group of Ian Aarts in Leiden University (the Netherlands), on the Spin Seebeck effect in permalloy strips. He then obtained his PhD from the University of Grenoble (France), working in the SPINTEC laboratory with Bernard Dieny. His PhD was focused on measuring and modelling ultrafast switching of magnetic tunnel junction with in-plane free layer and additional perpendicular polarizer. In March 2014, Bertrand started working as a post-doc on modelling the magnetization dynamics of spin-torque oscillators in order to improve their properties.


Mohammad Tarequzzaman - Early Stage Researcher 3 (contract completed)

 Photo Mohammad In July 2013, M. Tarequzzaman joined the SpinIcur as a PhD student in International Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal. His research will be focused on Spin Torque Nano-Oscillator Device. Previously, he received his Master in Physics from Lund University, Sweden. During his master thesis, he worked under the supervision of Associate Professor Ivan Maximov. His work was focused on Nanoimprint Lithography applications of metal-assisted chemical etching of Silicon. His work gave particular emphasis on the stamp fabrication in wet chemical etching process. 



University of Cambridge


Salvatore Mesoraca - Early Stage Researcher 6 (contract completed)

 Photo Salvatore A native of Italy, Salvatore received his bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy in July 2011. In July 2013 earned his master’s degree in Nanotechnologies for ICTs at the Polytechnic University of Turin and his master’s degree in Quantum Devices at Université Paris Diderot in France. In 2013 visited Stuart Parkin’s group at IBM Almaden Research Center, California to write his research thesis about the Spin Transfer Torque applied by the Spin Hall Effect. In September 2013 joined the Device Material Group at the Materials Science Department of Cambridge University as a PhD Student.


Thomas Wagner - Early Stage Researcher 7 (contract completed)

 Photo Thomas Thomas joined the spintronics group of the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory in Fall 2013. Also being a PhD student at the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy Device Materials Group, he is interested in non-equilibrium transport phenomena of charge, spin, entropy and energy in hybrid metal-semiconductor devices. More specifically, his research is focused on thermal spin injection from Fe into a GaAs.


Hitachi Cambridge Ltd


Dr Sylvain Martin - Experienced Researcher 4 (contract completed)

 Photo Sylvain Sylvain joined the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory as a Research Scientist after his PhD at the Spintec laboratory. During his PhD he worked on static and dynamics transport measurements on spin electronic nano-devices. In particular, he used a microwave to study the magnetic properties of a vortex oscillators based on magnetic tunnel junctions. By using synchronization and modulation phenomena, he was able to extract intrinsic behaviour such as the parametric behaviour of the system, the tunability or the deviation sensitivity.  Sylvain is now working at the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory. He is studying the anisotropic magneto-Seebeck effect in antiferromagnetic tunnel junctions. They think that changes in the density of states as a function of magnetisation direction - that give rise to a large tunneling anisotropic magneto-resistance (TAMR) in these devices - might also have effects on the Seebeck coefficient. They followed the work of Walter et al. (Nat. Mat 10,742–746, 2011) who have been working on a related effect in tunneling magneto-resistance (TMR) devices - where the Seebeck coefficient depends on the relative orientation of two ferromagnetic leads.



University Regensburg


Anatoly Shestakov - Early Stage Researcher 9 (contract completed)

 Photo Anatoly Anatoly started his PhD work in University of Regensburg in September 2014 in field of spincaloritronics, spin Seebeck effect. His bachelor and master theses (Tomsk State University, Russia) were concerned mostly with Ferromagnetic Resonance in ferrimagnetic powders, including nanoscaled. Experimentally studied different kinds of magnetic anisotropy in these systems and also succeeded with simulations and numerical calculations related to experiment. 



Oleksandr Talalaevskyy - Early Stage Researcher 11 (contract completed)

 Photo Oleksandr In September 2014, Oleksandr started his PhD at the University of Regensburg. During his Master thesises at the Radiophysics department in Kiev, Oleksandr was investigating the magnetic hysteresis effect in the arrays of circular permalloy(Ni81Fe19) dots. Now he is studying the dynamical properties of the magnetization in the YIG/Pt interfaces using FMR and MOKE techniques. The samples for SHE measurements are produced using the electron beam lithography and thin film depositions.


Delft University of Technology


Dr Yunshan Cao - Experienced Researcher 3 (contract completed)

 Photo Yunshan Yunshan started her first Postdoc in 2012 in Kavli Institute of NanoScience, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. She joined the Spinicur project in May 2013. As a theoretician, Yunshan is working on the magnetization dynamics in microwave resonators for different magnetic materials (ferromagnetic metals, insulators), and spin pumping theory due to ferromagnetic resonance and spin wave resonance. The theory work is accompanied with related experiments.


Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Peter Lange - Early Stage Researcher 10 (contract ended early)

 Photo Peter Peter has a background as a welder. After deciding to switch careers, he started studying physics at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. In his studies he elected to work with theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, with Bachelor's and Master's theses focusing on topological insulators and Graphene, respectively. After concluding his studies in Gothenburg he joined Arne Brataas group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, as a part of the SpinIcur network, to work towards a PhD. Currently he focuses his efforts on theoretical studies of spin-polarized quasi-particle currents in superconducting systems.