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Dissemination ensures that the results of the research developed in the ITN are disseminated and exploited through communication and transfer into other research setting. Scientific publications and conference presentations are major means of foreground dissemination. 

The project's dissemination activities will pay reference to the funding stream and display the following:

'The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme ([FP7/2007-2013] [FP7/2007-2011]) under grant agreement 316657 (SpinIcur)’



Names Type Event Location Date*
“Optimisation of Py/Cu/Py lateral spin valves”, G. Stefanou (ESR1), J.T. Batley, J.D.S.Witt, M.C. Rosamond, G. Burnell, B.J. Hickey poster Magnetism 2014 Manchester, UK 2014
“Growth of nm scale YIG films and their properties”, A Mitra (ESR2), S Marmion, OCespedes, B.J. Hickey talk Magnetism 2014 Manchester, UK 2014
" Arpita Mitra, Oleksandr Talalaevskyy,
Oscar Cespedes, Brian Hickey
Poster " " "
"Growth of high-quality nanometre thick yttrium iron garnet films by sputtering and their magnetic properties." Mitra A, Marmion S, Cespedes O, Ali M, Haertinger M, Back C,  Hickey B talk MMM Conference Hawaii, USA 2014
"Ferromagnetic resonance studies of highly ordered Co(x)Ni(1-x) nanowire arrays”, A. Moskaltsova (ESR4), M. P. Proenca, S. V. Nedukh, C. T. Sousa, J. P. Araujo, G. N. Kakazei talk INTERMAG 20l4 Dresden, Germany 2014
“Nanoscale MgO magnetic tunnel junctions sensors with incorporated biasing and enhanced sensitivity” A. Moskaltsova (ESR4), D. C. Leitao, E. Paz, A. V. Silva, S. Cardoso, R. Ferreira, P. P. Freitas poster NanoPT Conference Porto, Portugal 2014
“Implementing a spin rotator in a spin-polarized scanning electron microscope”, B Boehm (ESR5) et al talk Annual meeting of the Swiss Physical Society Fribourg, Switzerland 2014
“Freestanding Magnetic and Topographic Structures Induced by Ion Treatment” B Boehm (ESR1) et al talk Annual meeting of the Swiss Physical Society Fribourg, Switzerland 2014
“Magnetization Dynamics in Microwave Resonators” Y Cao (ER3) et al poster FOM (Dutch Research Funding Agency) Meeting Veldhoven, The Netherlands 2014
“Dynamics of YIG film in microwave resonator” Y Cao (ER3) et al talk INSPIN Trondheim, Norway 2014
“Simulations of heat gradients in magnetic tunnel junctions: Influence of pillar thermal conductivity and embedding oxide material” S. Knudde (ESR8), D. C. Leitao, S. Cardoso, A. V. Silva, P. P. Freitas poster NanoPT Conference Porto, Portugal 2014
“Nernst vs. spin-Seebeck effects in Py thin films” A.Shestakov (ESR9), M.Schmid, S.Srichandan, M.Vogel, C.Strunk, C.H.Back, D.Meier , T.Kuschel, J.M.Schmalhorst, G.Reiss poster WE-Heraeus-Seminar “Spin transport beyond Boltzmann” Bad Honnef, Germany 2014
"Nanoscale magnetic tunnel junction sensing devices with soft pinned sensing layer and high sensitivity" DC Leitao, E Paz, AV Silva, Zlou, A Moskaltsova (ESR4), R Ferreira, S Cardoso, PP Freitas invited talk INTERMAG 20l4 Dresden, Germany 2014
"Correlation between spin structure oscillations and domain wall velocities " A Bisig (ER1) et al invited talk SPIE OPTICS + PHOTONICS Conference San Diego 2014
"Nanofabrication of devices based on MgO tunnel junctions" A. Moskaltsova (ESR4), A V. Silva, DC Leitao, E Paz, Z Hou, R Ferreira, S Cardoso and P. Freitas talk YSC2013 Kharkiv, Ukraine 2013
 “Angular and Linear Momentum of Excited Ferromagnets” Y Cao (ER3) et  al poster Gordon Research Conference on “Spin Dynamics in Nanostructures” Hong Kong 2013

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